Wildwood Story

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In 1993 you heard tunes that sounded very old and strange. Nobody knew that Frankie Melody and Slim Danny Frankie Melody had formed the Rockabilly - Rock'n'Roll band "The Crazy Crows" after they had heard Rock'n'Roll and old-timey music since they were teenagers. Slim Danny and Frankie Melody Even after long and intensive practise many visitors heard them at regional concerts were exited how much they enjoyed playing their music. Some guitar players and drumers changed but they went on and gained lots of experience playing at various events. They played at city-jamborees, parties like the Rockabilly-Weekender in Schöneiche (Berlin) or as support for the British Rockabilly band "Matchbox".

In 1998 they created a new project called "Slim Danny and the Lucky-U-Ranch Hands". Two guys from Kassel, Olli Slim Danny from "The Blue Tops" on Bass and Marcel from "The Montesas" on Lead guitar were the new faces. Even one year later Frankie Melody and Slim Danny founded the Hillbilly band "The O.K. Corral Gunfighters" with their friend Big Ball Schneider. Becauce of a lack of time they played only at small parties.

In 2000 not only the millennium began. Eddie Star With Shakin' Casi who joined the band "The O.K. Corral Gunfighters" one year before Frankie Melody Slim and Frankie formed a new band. "The Wildwood Boys" had the job to play the good old Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly. But they did not miss new influences.

Slim Danny They are inspired by Hillbilly, Rockabilly and Country of the fifties and they create their own songs. After a while they went on with practise and wrote two setlist per 60 minutes. Since 2001 they have played their own songs and standards at regional and national events in clubs, bars, at city-jamborees or at parties. They also supported international Rockabilly bands and Psychobilly bands. After some changes on drums in 2003 Eddie Star from the band "Jumblers" joined the band.

Mad Mike Starting in 2006 it was silent around "The Wildwood Boys". Did they come back or is it finally over? Nobody knew. But they came back in 2007. With Mad Mike on rhythm guitar "The Wildwood Boys" go on playing to fire up the audience and make them get out on the dance floor.

Also in 2015 the line up changes, the new face is bassman Ricky Rich. 2017 "The Wildwood Boys" took a break again, sadly caused by illness... They go on in 2018 with new energy an drummer - true to the motto "Rock'n'Roll never dies"!