CD Sampler 'Rock Rock Rock' CD Sampler "Rock Rock Rock"

1. Something Else (Tuesday Club)
2. Big Jump Little Jump (The Wildwood Boys)
3. Thunder (Crash Cats)
4. Hocus Pocus (Moonlight Classics)
5. All I Can Do Is Cry (The Wildwood Boys)
6. I Like To Be (Tuesday Club)
7. My Sweet Girl (Moonlight Classics)
8. (Mr) Tornado Dreams (Crash Cats)
9. I'm Coming Home (The Wildwood Boys)
10. Honey Don't (Tuesday Club)
11. Never (Crash Cats)
12. Ding Dong Doll (The Wildwood Boys)
13. Rebound (Moonlight Classics)
14. Smash The Bottle Against The Wall (Crash Cats)
15. Tomorrow (Tuesday Club)
16. Melodie Robur (Moonlight Classics)
17. Running Wild (Crash Cats)
18. What Should I Do (The Wildwood Boys)
19. Long Blond Hair (Tuesday Club)
20. Whenever You're Ready (Moonlight Classics)

© 2004 The Wildwood Boys + Moonlight Classics + Tuesday Club + Crash Cats

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